We Manufacture and Export Non-traditional/ Diversified Jute Goods like Jute Tape, Jute Rope, Nursery Pots/Bags, Nursery Liner, Triangle Sheet, Seed Bags, Vegetable Bags, Totes Bags, Sand Bags, Christmas Bags, Beach Bags, Teacher Bags, Cosmetic Bags, Magazine Bag, Wine Bags, Shopping Bags, Promotional Bags, Garbage Bag, Canvas Bags, Jute Mat, Cotton Bags, Jute Fabric Dying, Decorative Fabric, Burlap Camo Fabric for Hunting / Defense, Nursery Burlap Sheet, etc.

We Export Traditional Jute Goods like Jute Yarn/Twine, Hessian Gunny Bags/Sacks, Rice Bags, Coffee Bags, Flour Bags, Potato Bags, Jute Carpet Backing Clothes, Jute Sacking Clothes, Scrim Fabrics, Carpet Rugs, Door Mat etc.

We welcome any enquiry regarding any of the above goods or any other tailor made jute goods as per the Specification / Samples provided by the Importers. We also work as sourcing agent for jute and jute goods.